Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pizza Pawty Safety

Julie Bagley and April Malinowski

Pizza is an all-time favorite for humans and dogs alike. It’s hard to resist the temptation of giving your dog a slice after the delivery man comes to the door. However, not all pizza is made with safe ingredients for your dog. It is best to feed an alternative to make pizza night into an enjoyable experience for everyone. The treats in Daisy-Care’s Pizza Pawty Care Package include all the great pizza flavors but made for dogs so you know exactly what your dog is ingesting. You can even throw your dog their very own pizza party!

Daisy-Care Pizza Pawty Recipe for Success

·        Olive Oil: We left out the oil since large amounts of fatty human food can lead to pancreatitis.

·        Olives: We are an olive free zone due to high salt content and potential for digestive upset

·        Salami: Most meat toppings can contain spices that cause digestive upset. We included savory sticks for a meaty option.

·        Tomatoes: We left out whole tomatoes and those seeds that can cause digestive upset.

·        Cheese: Most dogs are lactose intolerant so we opted for cheese bites that are 99% lactose free.

·        Mushrooms: No mushrooms here, they can be toxic

·        Dough: Yeast can cause digestive upset so we chose a pizza biscuit treat for dogs.

·        Tomato Sauce: Tomato sauce can contain onions which dogs lack the enzymes to break down. We chose tomato herb fillet stix as a substitute.

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