Thursday, December 17, 2015

Model for a Day

Julie Bagley and April Malinowski

As Daisy is a rescue, giving other dogs the chance at a wonderful life at a forever home is very important to us. That’s why we teamed up with Jennifer’s Hot Dog Photography and the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter in Texas. Because of the sheer number of animals to care for, the shelter needs help with donations and finding homes. While Daisy would have loved posing for all of our product photographs on the website’ we felt if we could help reach potential adopters and highlight some special pups it would mean so much more. So we approached the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter and they were kind enough to let us use some of their adoptable dogs to model our products.

Recently we took a batch of goodies for a photoshoot and the dogs had a blast! They loved having a new room to investigate, people to pet them, toys to try and treats to eat. In fact the bulldog that modeled the “Etta Says Mega Crunchy Chews,” loved it so much that, in what seemed like one bite, gobbled it right up! You can feel energy leap off the page from the photographs of the baby dachshunds playing with the “Snowman Sock Monkey.” They ran in circles and tackled each other, maybe like some modeling reality shows you’ve watched? The most professional model-dogs of the bunch would have to be the yellow lab and cattle dog. They showed up and had their photo taken so calmly and sweetly.

Everyone at agrees adopted dogs make the best pets. We only wish they would all get adopted.

Our next photoshoot won’t be for several weeks so checkout these great pictures and the ones throughout our site. Thank you to the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter and Jennifer’s Hot Dog Photography for the wonderful new partnership and to the dogs who we hope will find forever homes soon.

We, with help from Jennifer's Hot Dogs Photography, use adoptable dogs from the Fort Bend Animal Shelter in our product...
Posted by Daisy-Care Inc on Thursday, December 17, 2015